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Jipatie Router yako kwa bei nafuu kabisa yenye uwezo mkubwa wa kukufanya upate mtandao wa intaneti kwa njia ya kawaida au ya Wi-Fi, Haihitaji kufanya chochote bali ni kuchomeka na kuanza kazi bila kuunda mfumo wowote. Ina uwezo wa kutumika na watu hadi 6 kuunganisha kwenye komputa mpakato, deskitopu, simu and tablets, kuna vifurushi vya intaneti vya uhakika kwa kila hitaji na bajati yako, spidi kubwa ya intaneti kwa ajili ya kufanya chochote mtandaoni kama vile kupakua na kupakia vitu kwenye mtandao wa intaneti na kuangalia video mtandaoni, changamka sasa ujipatie ya kwako.

Taarifa za Bidhaa
Jina Thamani
Modal CPE 168W
Antenna Data external antenna
Dimension 175mm x 130mm x 70mm
Weight 300g
Connection Pad, phone, computer
Power Input 270V AC [100V AC to 240V AC]
Output 5V DC, 2.0A
Wireless Security WEP/WAP/WAP2
Three WAN Models Bridge/DHCP/Static
Speed 10Mbps [bidirectional]

Bei ya Dukani ya CPE 168W
Jina la Kifaa Bei(Tsh) Ofa
CPE 168W 60,000 10GB
VAT Imejumuishwa!
We offers Dedicated and Unlimited Internet Service by using Fiber Optic cable, with the fastest high -speed data connectivity. Fiber-optics uses light to transmit data. COOFIBER means the fiber internet service provided cootel by using fiber. When we say its UNLIMITED, its real means Unlimited and Dedicated it protects our customers by ensuring all key metrics are met backed by our 99.9% SLA and 24/7 technical support.

This base on Corporate customers as Small and Mediums Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large companies with much of the backbone of the internet deployed using fiber optic cable, it is no surprise that fiber optics are the fastest form of broadband technology

It is commonly referred to is the gold standard of residential internet connections by using fiber, where our bandwidth to the Internet is dedicated and always available.

  1. It is the most scalable technology; a client can opt to start with a 1Mbps fiber connection and upgrade as their needs grow up
  2. Minimal Latency Indeed, fiber Internet provides you with far faster cloud access than any other type of connection. Your upload and download speeds will be faster but you’ll also have less to worry about latency, and lower latency via fiber means that information packets are sent that much more quickly and reliably over the network.
  3. Higher Reliability it provides extremely reliable data transmission. It’s completely immune to many environmental factors
  4. No hidden cost, customer pay what he get
  5. Security your data is safe with fiber cable. It doesn’t radiate signals and is almost impossible to tap. If the cable is tapped, it’s very easy to monitor because the cable leaks light, causing the entire system to fail
  6. High performance with quality connectivity.
  7. 24/7 technical support monitoring and rescue the emergences
  8. Distance fiber optics can have a large capacity to carry high speed signals over longer distances


Muda Kifurushi Bei(Tsh)
Wiki 1GB 2,100
3GB 4,900
10GB 7,000
Bila Kikomo 17,500
Mwezi 1GB 3,500
3GB 8,400
6GB 12,600
10GB 15,400
16GB 21,000
20GB 28,000
30GB 35,000
50GB 56,000
VAT Imejumuishwa!

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